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Alex and Wendyll, collided in the Berkshires in 1996 through a food donation effort, 6 months later a date was ditched and someone pointed at the other while standinng on a bar and they high tailed it to Maine one year later. From there, they went on to work bistros, hotels, catering, private clubs and a cafe they owned in Freeport, until on fateful, sweaty evening in July of 2004 a purple marker hit paper, while wine hit lips and Buck was born.

The Naked part of the idea was important; 1. They wanted the real flavor of the smoke, rub and meat to come through, in an authentic way and 2. They had zero capital for marketing and frankly the word naked had some media mileage in it! On January 20th 2005 Buck's opened in Freeport across from the Big Indian in a renovated garage. Buck's heated and air conditioned the outdoors for two years there. The diners waiting for table space relaxed in their cars for comfort and smashed people together in pick-nic tables for seating. Buck's moved and expanded into the current location in Freeport in May of 2008 and opened their Windham Maine location in March of 2010.

The honesty in real slow, smoked traditional BBQ is hugely important to the menu at Buck's and we are always interested in exploring interesting cuisines and strong flavors in BBQ from across the globe. We welcome you with open arms to Buck's, grab a seat and stay a while.


The word 'righteous' comes to mind, to many of his kin when describing ol' Buck...yep, he is a righteous pig alright and none to pleased with being relegated to a life of dressing in nasty, chemical laden sauces. So Buck set out and found his own crossroads of sorts.

A pig of his beauty and intellect needed to find and equally righteous home, somewhere that would appreciate his natural loveliness and not succumb to the common pressure of coverin' up his best assets. Now, Freeport, ME is a long way from home for ol' Buck but he's adapted, ayuh, and found some mighty nice friends.


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It all starts with a passion for food, and an understanding of what it takes to put out a great product that makes our customers taste buds dance! Alex and Wendy (the owners) are quick to tell you that Barbeque is the only authentic, all American cuisine.

Barbeque is an art; and we have represented Bucks in many competitions (Alex is the state representative for the New England BBQ Society as well as a judge for the Kansas City BBQ Society), where cooking five minutes too long or short may make the difference.

To this day Alex continues to perfect the time, temp, smoke and spices on all our product to bring you the very best BBQ anywhere, which is cooked slow, low and naked...hence our name: Buck's Naked BBQ. That same passion is applied to all of our food, whether it is our hand cut steaks, cooked to the perfect temperature, our homemade dressings for our carefully composed salads, or any of our appetizers. It is our passion to bring you

Who is Buck? Buck's Naked BBQ